Why You Should Be Using HP Instant Ink to Print Your Planner Stickers

As a decorative planner, stickers are probably one of the best and most versatile things to use in your planner. Etsy, Pinterest, and websites such as my own offer such a huge variety of different stickers that you can own. Some are printed for you, but sometimes you run into the elusive printables. You start to go down the rabbit hole of free printable sites, start to print all of your new finds, and then it happens; the dreaded “Ink is Low” message pops up on your screen. “What do I do?” you lament as you stare longingly at your computer screen, wanting to print and print and print the beautiful creations you’ve found. Well, I’ve got the solution for your problems – HP Instant Ink. This post is not sponsored in any way, but does contain referral links!

HP Instant Ink is an amazing program run through HP that replaces your ink cartridges as you need them. You enroll on the website (or through an enrollment card) and choose the plan to meet your specific printing habits. You’ll be charged a monthly fee based on the number of pages you print each month. Your printer sends this information and the ink level information to HP and as your ink gets low HP will automatically ship your replacement cartridges. You save up to 50% on ink that ordered by your printer and delivered to your door before you even run out!

In order to sign up for this service, you need a printer that is HP Instant Ink eligible. They have a ton of different printers that can fit all budgets. In fact, my printer was only $15 on sale! I recommend starting on the HP website and taking a look at all of their Instant Ink eligible printers and then checking out retail locations to see what they have on sale. I personally use the HP 4520 and have enjoyed it very much!



Why HP Instant Ink is a Great Investment

You can earn free months right from the start!

You can stack codes with HP InstantInk! When I first signed up I received 9 months for free! WOW.


The first way to earn extra free months is a referral code. I also receive a free month from you using my code! You can either click through the link below or type the code mJ6jV. Keep in mind capitalization matters!


The next way is the free trial that comes with your printer! Most new HP InstantInk enrollments come with three free months that you can use! Sometimes if you purchase the enrollment card in store it will come with the three free months if you already own an HP InstantInk eligible printer!

Finally, you can try the following codes for additional months for free! These codes tend to rotate and aren’t in use at all times so I recommend trying them out just in case! The first code, FREEINK is most commonly used and is in place almost all of the time!







You can print at the highest quality and not feel guilty about it.

Gone are the days of figuring out whether or not you should print on draft or not. The one downside to HP Instant Ink is the fact that a page printed will always be a page printed no matter what. However, you never have to feel guilty about printing at the highest quality as you’ll receive replacement cartridges!


You can pick your plan, adjust your plan, and cancel whenever you need to!

That’s right – you can pick your plan, adjust it, and cancel whenever you need to at any time. Crazy. There are multiple plans that you can choose from that are guaranteed to meet your printing needs at very affordable prices. Instead of paying $60 in ink a month you can be paying considerably less and know that you’ll have replacement cartridges on the way if you need them. This means that you can start at the frequent printing plan (up to 300 pages a month), like myself, and then switch to a cheaper plan that fits your needs once you run out of free months! If you know you absolutely won’t print that much you can start off at the FREE plan and have up to 15 pages for free every month indefinitely!

The bonus to the printing plans is that you can rollover printed pages to the next month. This is perfect for if you have a slow month and aren’t printing as much but then the next month find yourself printing a lot more than normal!

If you find that you’re not enjoying the service, you can cancel at anytime. I recommend waiting to do this until your last free month, but you are going to love this service!

If you are interested in the free plan, I recommend starting off at the free plan at the start. There have been issues in the past with people trying to downgrade to this plan. If you believe this is all you need then start here and adjust if you need to. You can always pay for additional prints at a low cost with this service.


Your referral code gets you free months ALL THE TIME!

When you sign up for HP Instant Ink you are given your very own referral code that you can share! Every time someone uses your code they receive a free month and you receive a free month as well!


Using HP Instant Ink reduces your carbon footprint!

Being able to recycle cartridges easily is such an amazing thing! When you start using HP Instant Ink you’ll receive a self addressed prepaid envelope to store your used cartridges. Fill the envelope up and send it back to HP and know that your cartridges will be properly recycled!




I’m Convinced! How Do I Get Free Months Again?

Easy! Just follow the following steps:

Step One

You need to have a printer that is HP Instant Ink elibible!

Visit the HP website and do a search for the printers that have HP Instant Ink as a feature. Do some research on the best possible prices for printers as I have paid $15 for mine on sale. You can often find older HP Instant Ink eligible printers on clearance so do your research!

If you already have a HP Instant Ink eligible printer but never signed up you still have the opportunity! You can still use my referral code (mJ6jv) for 1 free month and try additional codes for even more free months!

Step Two

Sign up using my referral link and add in additional HP Instant Ink promo codes!

I recommend using my referral link as it will automatically add the free month for you or you can add my code mJ6jv. After doing this, you are free to enter in additional HP Instant Ink promo codes to earn more free months! This is the only time that you are eligible to earn these free months!

If your printer is brand new it should have come with a 3 month free trial. Look for this promo code and add it in as well! If you followed these steps you will have four free months.

On the off-chance you already owned a HP Instant Ink eligible printer – don’t fret! There are still additional codes for you to try! Remember, the following codes may not be in use at all times and constantly rotate! It doesn’t hurt to give them a try. The first code is most frequently used and is often available.







Step Three

Make sure that your total is $0 and that you see the refer-a-friend free month plus additional free months from promo codes. Do not check out until everything reads out correctly and that all eligible and working codes have been redeemed. Between your free trial, the referral link, and additional codes you are guaranteed to have at least four months, if not more, of free ink!

Happy printing!






  1. Nereyda
    June 20, 2019 / 5:27 pm

    Returned my old canon printer and got one with instant ink. The free months you get with the referral codes, how many prints a month can I get with it?

    • Caitlyn
      June 20, 2019 / 7:57 pm

      The amount of prints you receive on your free months is entirely dependent on which plan you pick! When I first signed up for the program I opted for the $9.99 plan with 300 prints, so I was eligible for 900+ prints my first three months. This takes into account the rollover from the previous month as well. 🙂

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