The Happy Planner Walmart 18 Month Planners 2019

The Happy Planner Walmart 18 Month Planners 2019

Happy first The Happy Planner release of the year! Well, it’s technically the second, but this is the first one with some real coverage.

If you’ve been following along with The Happy Planner news, you know all about the “leaks” that sneaky Planner Babes have managed to find! As it turns out, these leaks weren’t leaks in the sense that products weren’t meant to be shown, but were pre-orders for our European neighbors! It’s nice to see that The Happy Planner is slowly going global and it’s nice to see everyone having a chance to join in on the happy.

That being said, it is time to show off the brand new 18 month planners and some of the new stickers and accessories.

I’m very fascinated to see that Walmart has now joined the lineup!

There is a decent amount being brought over to Walmart and I can’t wait to see the final packaging. Are these planners going to be similar to the others ones with additional stickers in the back? Are they going to be stand alone planners? How much will they cost?

A few of these planners are nods to designs that we have already seen, but to test a new market officially it’s not surprising. This isn’t the first time The Happy Planner has been in Walmart stores, but this is the first time (it would seem to me – I could be wrong) that it will hit almost all of the stores. The format of the planners at Walmart have generally been a little different and have been offered in a very limited capacity with only a few designs.

Recently they had a full display of planners and accessories and I imagine the success from that mini-launch has convinced the company to start carrying more.

What does this mean for the future of The Happy Planner? I have absolutely no idea! I just know it’s always exciting to see another store location carrying the planners.

Let’s check out the new planners!


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Get It Gold

Happy Flowers

Work Hard



Boss Babe

Your Year



Happy Life

Work Work Work



Boss Babe – Horizontal

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Your Year – Horizontal

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Get It Gold – Vertical

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Happy Flowers – Color Block

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Happy Life – Horizontal

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Work Work Work – Vertical

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Work Hard – Horizontal

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0:40 – Boss Babe

1:47 – Your Year

2:52 – Get It Gold

4:08 – Happy Flowers

5:36 – Happy Life

7:06 – Work Work Work

8:03 – Work Hard


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