The Happy Planner Staples 18 Month Planners 2019

The Happy Planner Staples 18 Month Planners 2019

Staples is back for another The Happy Planner release! However the selection is not as expansive as years past.

Even though the selection is a lot smaller the options available are suitable for the store. Let’s just jump right into looking at these planners!


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Modern Peach

Vintage Botanical

Sugar & Type



(None For This Release)



Brilliant Year

Love of Learning


Modern Peach – Vertical


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Vintage Botanical – Monthly

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Sugar & Type  – Horizontal

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Brilliant Year  – Teacher

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Love of Learning – Teacher


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0:22 – Modern Peach

1:34 – Vintage Botanical

3:01 – Sugar & Type

4:30 – Brilliant Year

5:46 – Love of Learning



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