The Happy Planner Release Shopping Guide

The Happy Planner Release Shopping Guide

For the first time in nearly four years I am not putting together a store and shopping guide. I know, I’m just as upset as you are. Many things have changed with how Mambi does their Happy Planner releases. Unfortunately the time and effort required to put together the guides is just not feasible and since they have started creating their own guides, I believe it’s time to let that particular part of my site go.

However, I have decided to create a printable for you to use for any release that comes through and to help you get a head start on your future shopping! This printable is based off of my handy guides of the past. You will find that this printable offers places for you to write the product name as well as other valuable information, such as the shops and prices of the products you are seeking. If you’re looking for additional spaces or just want to be able to create your own version of the guide I’ve also provided a dot grid and a dotted line note page set.

This printable is offered to you free of charge however donations are gladly accepted! If you are interested in donating and helping to keep the website running, please visit my Ko-fi link here! Also make sure you join the Everyday Caitlyn Facebook group to give feedback and give suggestions for future content!


** A B O U T . T H I S . P R I N T A B L E**
This printable is designed to fit into your classic Happy Planner!

This printable comes with crop guides to ensure easy cutting. This printable is pre-sized for standard 8.5″in x 11″in paper.

Borderless printing is preferred to ensure proper alignment, but is not required. Duplex printing is preferred, but can be done as individual sheets.

You WILL NEED a program to open and print these PDF files. Most computers offer programs automatically, but if you do not have one available, please do a search for “Free PDF software.”


** H O W . T O . P R I N T **
1. Download printable! Just press the image with the correct text that you need and you will be able to save the file to your computer!

2. Print on paper (Pre-formatted for 8.5”in x 11”in paper)
– Print “Actual Size” or “Scale 100%”
– DO NOT choose “Shrink”, “Auto-Scale” or “Fit”
– If using double-sided print (duplex printing) use COMPLETE file
– If printing individual sheets start with PAGE ONE then follow each page in succession (page two, page three, etc…)

3. Cut printable out
– Use scissors or a paper trimmer to follow the guides.

4. Enjoy and prepare to get your shop on!


** T E R M S . O F . U S E **
When purchasing this product you agree to the following terms:
– It is for PERSONAL USE only.
– It is intended for use by ONE person only (the person who downloaded this printable).
– You WILL NOT remove copyright text from printable.
– You WILL NOT distribute, share, or sell any part of this product or this product in its entirety.
– You WILL NOT use this product or any part of this product in any commercial products, including but not limited to other digital and physical products.
– DO NOT claim any part of this product or this product in its entirety as your own.
– You WILL NOT alter this printable in any way EXCEPT to add your own text.




Shopping Guide



Page One


Page Two





Lined Paper


Page One


Page Two




Dot Grid Paper


Page One


Page Two





  1. Tricia
    September 20, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Bummer. I came here to find a list as I knew you did one before. But no one seems to have one, certainly not Happy Planner.

    • Caitlyn
      September 24, 2019 / 12:15 pm

      I apologize as I didn’t receive a notification of your comment! Unfortunately they have made things extremely difficult to put together a list and compilation as I have done in the past.

      I’ve noticed that a lot of people are still looking for a list so I might try and create one. It won’t be anywhere near as put together as in the past, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

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