The Happy Planner Hobby Lobby 18 Month Planners 2019

The Happy Planner Hobby Lobby 18 Month Planners 2019

Hobby Lobby is adding an impressive 17 new planners to their lineup for the spring. This is a lot more than normal and it’s very nice to see. In addition to having 17 planners they are also offering deluxe versions with metal discs.

I love that they’re offering deluxe versions of select planners as the metal discs are a game changer. I wish they would be used on more planners and more often. The extra cost is worth it to have a sturdier and more attractive disc option.

Let’s just jump right into the planners because I think you’re going to like them!

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Vintage Botanical


Coastal Vibes


Wonder Seeker


Paint Splash

I Am a Happy Planner

Life Is Sweet



Wild & Free



Sassy Plans




Choose To Shine


Happy Year

Wild & Free – Horizontal


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Watercolor – Dashboard


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Fitness – Vertical


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Sassy Plans – Vertical


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Budget – Horizontal


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Vintage Botanical – Alternative Cover – Deluxe Monthly


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Wellness – Vertical


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Coastal Vibes – Horizontal


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Faith – Vertical


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Wonder Seeker – Deluxe Lined Vertical


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Budget – Vertical


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Paint Splash – Deluxe Dashboard


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I Am a Happy Planner – Vertical


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Life Is Sweet – Lined Vertical


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Choose To Shine – Monthly


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Watercolor – Vertical


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Happy Year – Lined Vertical


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0:38 – Wild & Free

1:46 – Watercolor

2:47 – Fitness

3:44 – Sassy Plans

4:48 – Budget

5:56 – Vintage Botanical

7:29 – Wellness

8:56 – Coastal Vibes

10:03 – Faith

11:37 – Wonder Seeker

12:50 – Budget

14:05 – Paint Splash

15:57 – I Am a Happy Planner

17:22 – Life Is Sweet

18:38 – Choose To Shine

20:03 – Watercolor

21:20 – Happy Year



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