Meet Super Mom, Socialite, Healthy Hero, Faith Warrior, and Miss Maker – The New Happy Planner Girl

Meet Super Mom, Socialite, Healthy Hero, Faith Warrior, and Miss Maker – The New Happy Planner Girl

I am so excited because it is the perfect time of year! Not only is the fall season rapidly approaching but we are in The Happy Planner Reveal Week! First on the list? The Happy Planner Girl.

Happy Planner Reveal Week is the week that The Happy Planner reveals all of their brand new product for 2019. If this is your first time checking out my recaps, welcome! If you’re a veteran to these (and have joined me through my rebranding), welcome back! For this release I am changing the format of the posts as there is a lot of new product. In previous releases I would post daily, but this time I’m organizing by store location! This post and my final recap will be the exceptions as The Happy Planner Girl deserves its own post. The new Happy Planner Girl update is H U G E. This line is limited edition.

Starting off this massive information post, let’s talk about locations and dates.

This line can be found on the mambi Shop in addition to Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics. You can find select pieces in Michaels for the first time ever. The products will be released in the mambi Shop on September 28th, although that could possibly change. Official channels have stated that is the current release date. Hobby Lobby is currently in the process of setting product. Joann Fabrics is slated to start their store set soon. Michaels will be setting product late September/early October. The product should be online for Joann Fabrics. It’s not clear whether Hobby Lobby or Michaels will add them to their websites. The timing for the release is very on trend with previous years.

Just like in last year’s release, the girls will be color coded. I personally love that they are color coded as it makes matching accessories very easy!

In a very exciting move, Stephanie Fleming stated in their IG Live video that they are working hard on inclusivity. In previous years and releases there has been a lack of diversity in the products. While this is mentioned often, the concern is brought up multiple times when it comes to The Happy Planner Girl. As explained by Stephanie Fleming, the girls are not meant to be the physical representation of each girl. Instead they are meant to be a line art logo for the branding for The Happy Planner Girl. I can also see why the situation is concerning.

In a community where diversity is an absolutely beautiful thing it’s odd to not see everyone represented. According to Stephanie, per their Instagram Live, they are currently working on a big idea for next year. However, they have already started making the moves towards inclusivity. The new Healthy Hero planners feature a variety of women and it’s amazing.

Before I jump into the girls, another point I have to bring up is how product is stocked. I have mentioned it previously, but I think it’s important to mention. Every single item will be in the mambi Shop, but for retail chains things are a little different. Me & My Big Ideas offers the product for sale to the retail locations and only one order was placed specifically for The Happy Planner Girl. Mambi isn’t the one saying what products should be where, this is chosen by the product purchasers for each company. For example, Joann has an exclusive line for The Happy Planner Girl this year. Hobby Lobby appears to have picked less accessories and focus on planners instead. This is the first year that Michaels has purchased any pieces of The Happy Planner Girl, likely due to demand. A lot of the purchasing decision is clearly based on demand. My suggestion is to contact the individual companies and politely ask for them to carry The Happy Planner Girl! Due to the limited edition nature of this line it would be great to have more otpions.

With all of that out of the way, let’s jump into meeting the newest Happy Planner Girls!

Another point I would like to make is that there is so much product that I can’t include it all in this post! To save on space I will be including completely new product in addition to highlights. In my recap post I will be including a spreadsheet showing you where all of the new products will be. I absolutely recommend checking that out when it’s released in addition to checking out the Instagram Live videos (linked at the bottom!) for more information!

Super Mom

Super Mom features a brand new layout called a “dashboard layout” and honestly I am totally on board with it. Not quite vertical, not quite horizontal either – it’s just right.



Faith Warrior

There is a lot more added variety for faith warrior and for faith planning than ever before. This will be a huge hit.




Socialite pulls the block layout from the updated student Happy Planners and it just works. Lots of open space to plan a busy lifestyle and will work beautifully for social media planning.




Miss Maker

Miss Maker is a Joann’s exclusive! Keep this in mind when you go to search for it as you will only find it in Joann stores. I have no idea how many Joanns this will go to, but count on Super Stores and some mid-sized locations.




Healthy Hero

The diversity of the girls for Healthy Hero is great. It’s super body positive and encouraging and I love it!



Super Mom & Faith Warrior

Time Stamps:

4:45 – Planners

10:33 – Classic Filler paper

11:48 – Dry erase dashboards

13:25 – Classic Pocket Folders

14:00 – Classic Accessory Pack

14:35 – Dashboards

15:07 – Sticky notes

15:42 – Half sheets

16:33 – Inspiration Cards

17:28 – Mini Dashboards

17:57 – Mini Pocket Folders

18:20 – Mini Filler Paper

18:47 – Elastic Bands

19:11 – Mini Half Sheets

19:43 – Planner Patches

20:12 – Classic Envelopes

21:14 – Adhesive Pockets

22:07 – Sticky Tabs

22:33 – Enamel Pins

22:53 – Washi

23:20 – Snap-in Pen Case

24:10 – Mini Sticker Pads

27:06 – Multi-pack

28:56 – Value Sticker Packs

Faith Warrior

44:15 – Washi

44:44 – Enamel Pins

45:14 – Pen Holders

45:46 – Planner Patches

46:27 – Highlighters

47:25 – Adhesive Pockets

48:06 – Sticky Notes

49:08 – Classic Envelopes

50:31 – Mini Filler Paper

51:20 – Mini Accessory Pack

52:02 – Mini Pocket Folders

52:35 – Classic Filler Paper

53:19 – Classic Accessory Pack

54:12 – Dry Erase Dashboards

56:27 – Multi-pack

Part 2 Video

0:39 – Value Sticker Packs



Time Stamps:

Faith Warrior – 0:39 – Value Sticker Packs


9:30 – Planners

17:53 – Sticky Notes

18:28 – Washi

18:54 – Classic Envelopes

19:35 – Dashboards

20:57 – Adhesive Pockets

21:46 – Mini Accessory Pack

22:53 – Sticky Note Pad

24:10 – Mini Dashboards

24:40 – Mini Filler Paper

25:31 – Pen Holders

25:53 – Enamel Pins

26:11 – Snap-in Tabs

26:54 – Planner Patches

27:17 – Mini Half Sheets

28:16 – Classic Accessory Pack

28:52 – Dry Erase Dashboards

29:53 – Multi-pack

33:00 – Sticker Value Packs



Miss Maker

Time Stamps

11:52 – Planners

22:34 – Classic Filler Paper

23:10 – Classic Pocket Folders

24:54 – Paperclips

25:19 – Bookmarks

27:20 – Planner Patches

27:50 – Inspiration Cards

29:55 – Snap-in Pen Case

31:56 – Adhesive Pockets

33:15 – Sticky Note Pad

34:37 – Pen Holders

35:10 – Classic Half Sheets

35:56 – Sticky Notes

36:52 – Dashboards

37:45 – Stamps

38:50 – Enamel Pins

39:20 – Mini Half Sheets

39:50  Mini Sticky Notes

40:32 – Mini Dashboards

41:05 – Classic Envelopes

41:56 – Mini Pocket Folders

43:08 – Washi

43:41 – Mini Sticker Pads

45:26 – Classic Filler Paper

46:03 – Multi-pack

49:14 – Value Sticker Packs


Healthy Hero

Time Stamps:

3:15 – Planners

11:53 – Classic Accessory Pack

12:41 – Sticky Notes

13:15 – Half Sheets

13:47 – Dashboards

14:31 – Bookmarks

15:02 – Enamel Pins

15:33 – Adhesive Pockets

16:00 – Classic Envelopes

16:33 – Inspiration Cards

18:14 – Snap-in Pen Case

18:43 – Mini Half Sheets

19:31 – Mini Sticky Notes

19:56 – Mini ACessory Pack

20:22 – Mini Pocket Folders

20:45 – Mini Dashboards

21:30 – Mini Filler Paper

22:00 – Washi

22:32 – Mini Sticker Pads

26:06 – Multi-pack

29:37 – Value Sticker Packs



  1. Dayna
    September 30, 2018 / 6:29 am

    These are all poorly done. MAMBI went in a weird direction and it backfired. Checklists on every single day for Miss Maker and vertical lines in every box on other designs. They also need to stop calling these faith planners, they are not faith, they are christian.

    • Caitlyn
      October 1, 2018 / 1:01 pm

      I personally go back and forth on my thoughts on these planners, I just know I’m personally not a fan at this time.

      I didn’t really understand the checklists on every single day for Miss Maker myself and I absolutely agree on your statement on the faith planners. If they had created something more inclusive for the faith planners it would have been a better move, but I’m guessing based off of their demographics it wasn’t important for this release. :/ I’m glad to see that they’re branching out in styles, but they’re a little *too* specific for a subset meant to be all-encompassing. I feel that this set of Happy Planner Girls would have been better suited to being released as accessories with the new 2019 planners.

      If you haven’t already I would absolutely express your concerns to them directly, especially since they’ll be working on the next round of releases! They’re very receptive to comments such as yours and it should open a dialogue of how they should proceed next release.

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