The Happy Planner Fall Reveal Recap & Spreadsheets

The Happy Planner Fall Reveal Recap & Spreadsheets Wow – there was a lot of planners and so much more product than I expected. The fall release is usually pretty big, but I wasn’t expecting it to be t h i s big. There is so much product I decided that there needed to be spread sheets of everything (located further down!) The Happy Planner Fall reveal has been an absolute doozy! I think that there will be a lot of excitement over this release, especially for Planner Babes who had fallen in love with previous layouts. I love that the hourly and monthly layout has made a return since they are so highly requested. To make your life easier, I have each store separated with their respective planners. The Happy Planner Girl deserved its own post just because of how much information and product there is. BIG DISCLAIMER – I am in no way affiliated with me & my BIG ideas or The Happy Planner. I just seriously love The Happy Planner, the community, and everything involved with it. I know how frustrating and confusing it is with a ton of products and I want to make it as easy as possible to figure out where everything is. With that out of the way, my spread sheets and blog posts are as accurate as I could possibly make them. There is a chance for error which I apologize for in advance. All of my information was pulled from the Instagram Live videos and YouTube videos. Although I checked the lists triple and quadruple times, there’s a possibility something may have slipped through the cracks!  

Check Out the Recaps!

The Happy Planner Girl Staples Planners Michaels Planners Hobby Lobby Planners Joann Planners    

Recap & My Thoughts

I can honestly say I’m surprised by the layout of which companies purchased what planners. In a surprising move, Joann has picked up the largest amount of Happy Planners I think I’ve ever seen. I’m very surprised to see the collection that both Michaels and Hobby Lobby picked up. There’s always the possibility more product shows up, but per the reveal videos it’s very small compared to previous years. I have issue with Joann almost carrying the monopoly on the planners, but I explain why in my Joann post. I am very glad that Michaels decided to jump into The Happy Planner Girl world! It would have been nice if they had purchased additional pieces, but it’s a start. I hope that the product selling out (and it will!) will convince them to purchase more later on. I was surprised and not so surprised to see the trend of backing away from the Big Happy Planner size. Despite the lack of Big Happy Planners, it’s nice to see some layout changes! With this release we are introduced to Super Mom’s new dashboard layout, Miss Maker’s check list layout, Faith Warrior’s new faith layout, and a revamped fitness layout! Even though it’s not a new layout, I enjoy Socialite’s usage of the block layout from the updated student planners. Speaking of layouts – how about the new vertical minis? That’s right! Vertical m i n i Happy Planners. I am so beyond excited for those as my brain just can’t work with a horizontal layout no matter how hard I try.  

My Favorites

My favorite planners this time around are Desert Dreams, the Healthy Hero mini, and the Happy Moments vertical mini!  

The Details

Everything will be sold on the Mambi shop on September 28th! Joann and Hobby Lobby will be in the process of setting the product; the official statement is mid-September, so we’re right on time. Michaels will be setting product end of September/early October. Staples will be setting product around the same time frame as Michaels. All of The Happy Planner Girl line features metal discs on the planners! They are considered a premium item and are also limited edition. All of the planners being released will run from January – December 2019.  

Click below for the Happy Planner Girl line up PDF!

The Happy Planner Girl Planners & Accessories – PDF  

Click below to see where all of the planners will be found!

The Happy Planner Fall 2018 Planner Finder – PDF    

Prefer the Excel Files? Here you go! Please do not distribute the actual files and instead link to this page. I would really appreciate it!

The Happy Planner Girl Planners & Accessories – Spreadsheet The Happy Planner Fall 2018 Planner Finder – Spreadsheet   Need even more information? Someone asked me to include the Happy Planner Girl files with the total prices if purchasing from the mambi shop! I thought it was a seriously G R E A T idea so I went ahead and put that together! 🙂 Once again, it’s offered as both the PDF and Excel file!   IMPORTANT NOTE – Keep in mind the price for Super Mom might be a little different as we were not provided the price of the elastic bands. If I remember correctly from previous releases, they retail for $4.99. But that price might be a little higher (or lower). Please consider this information in your calculations and budgeting!   PDF File The Happy Planner Girl Planner & Accessories – Mambi Shop Totals Excel Spreadsheet The Happy Planner Girl Planner & Accessories – Mambi Shop Totals     Still here? Awesome! I’d like to take the time to thank you for reading and following the recap. If you’re feeling generous, please consider buying me a coffee! I am working on raising funds for my hosting that’s due in November. If you would like to see more posts like these in the future your donation will help a ton! It goes directly to me and helps me create more amazing content for you!  


  1. September 27, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    Stumbled across this post after searching for the new item release dates, and I’m a new fan! Thank you for such a comprehensive list of what items will be available and where they will be sold! =)

    • Caitlyn
      October 1, 2018 / 12:51 pm

      I’m so glad that I was able to help. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading! I definitely hope to be a resource for you in the future as well! <3

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