Purple Trail Planner Review & First Impressions

Purple Trail Planner Review & First Impressions

disclaimer: I received this planner from PurpleTrail.com in exchange for a review. This post will contain affiliate links where I receive a small kickback if you purchase through my link. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For the first time ever, I believe that I have itty bitty planner Planner Peace. A few weeks ago I was asked to review a planner from PurpleTrail.com and the one I decided to review is this Tiny Planner. When they say this is a tiny planner, they mean it’s tiny – but it’s mighty!

Purple Trail is a great solution for anyone looking for something outside of the ordinary. You can customize your planner start to finish or opt to use a pre-set standard with ultimate flexibility. Normally when a website offers a lot of different choices, it becomes overwhelming, but the genius part of Purple Trail is your planner is whatever you want. From daily planners, to student planners, to wedding planners, they truly hit every possible situation that you could need. Looking for a meal planner? They have one! Need a mom specific planner to keep track of your children’s lives? They have that, too! Teachers – you’re also covered. Not only do you have options for your inserts, you have options on your cover style, size, and so much more!

I decided to pick the Tiny Planner from Purple Trail as I’ve struggled to find the perfect portable planner solution. While I enjoy my mini Happy Planner a lot, this planner manages to do a lot more for me and also has a smaller footprint. When you’re trying to downsize your bag, the more space saved in your bag is optimal.

The Tiny Planner comes in a petite 4.5″x6.25″ size. It’s around the size of an iPhone Plus and smaller than the Happy Planner mini meaning it’s a GREAT compact size. The coil is a very solid 1″ silver coil. There aren’t other coil colors available, but the silver will look classy with any cover option that you choose. The Tiny Planner comes with a frosted cover sheet, but other planners can come with the frosted sheet, a hardcover, or laminated cover. Some covers come with real foil, so if you’re looking for that sparkle you will definitely be able to find it! The customization system for the covers is very easy and intuitive to use. You have the ability to create a cover completely from scratch or choose from the multiple options that they have available. Both options are easily customizable and let you set the mood for your perfect planner.

In addition to multiple cover options, Purple Trail also offers multiple insert styles. Do you want a tiny planner with a vertical layout? Good news – Purple Trail makes it! They also offer horizontal, daily, and a few other options. You also have the option of choosing up to four additional add-ons in the form of inserts and get to pick your color layout. I decided to opt for a neutral layout as all of my other planners are colorful – definitely not disappointed! The pages are rounded on the corners and the inserts are printed on heavy 80lb weighted paper. The pages are durable and soft and a dream to write on.

I knew that I wanted to have this planner be a catch all planner for when I’m out in the world and the options I chose reflect that. I chose additional note sheets, the bill tracker (where I’ll include expenses!), the fitness tracker, and the nutrition tracker. This year I want to focus on bettering myself and each add on is designed to lead towards progress. Each add on set seems to come with between 10-12 sheets.

There is enough space on each of these inserts to include everything that you might need. The fitness log has additional spaces for recording your measurements to help track your progress throughout the month. The nutrition tracker makes sure that you hit everyone of your goals that you might have for your daily food and water intake.

Purple Trail

Some of the other add ons that you can include are coloring pages, password logs, appointment trackers, and even student check ins for any teachers. There are so many different things that you can add in to make your planner your own.

In addition to the inserts, you can also include a folder and stickers!

The folder has pockets on both sides, meaning you have plenty of room to include whatever you need to have with you. I’ll be utilizing my folder for receipts and small items that I need to carry.


The quality of the stickers is amazing! They’re vibrant, bright, and fit the planner perfectly. Not only that, they’re absolutely adorable!

Pick Up Your Own Purple Trail Planner!

Convinced that you need to check out the offerings Purple Trail has? Good! Create Your Own Planner  at PurpleTrail.com today!


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