Where Am I and Why Am I Here?

Where Am I and Why Am I Here?

Where am I?

Chances are you’ve come here one of two ways. You have either come here by searching for Planner Babes or you came here through social media. Both options are 100% correct and you are in the place that you are meant to be. Planner Babes still exists, it’s just been absorbed into something all encompassing.

Don’t worry, planners – all of the content you know and love will still be found here.

Why the Change?

The story behind the change is unfortunately a lot longer than I could ever truly put into a blog post. The short version is that things have changed. The journey that I was going on with Planner Babes evolved and grew, but it wasn’t growing correctly. The plans and ideas that the site was originally built on weren’t being created fast enough or in a way that I enjoyed. As a one woman show, it just wasn’t making me happy.

Running Planner Babes put me into this strange little box. I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have been able to make the steps towards doing this all full time. The only issue is that planners are such a niche market and hasn’t allowed me to expand outwards. There aren’t that many sponsors that are looking for people writing exclusively on planners. The market is too small and my dreams are a little too big.

The change needed to be made for both my family and myself.

Well, What Can I Find Here?

All of the same content that lived on Planner Babes will live here, but with more. Before I started writing exclusively about planners, I ran a lifestyle blog. I stopped working on that site to focus on all things planners, but I am beyond ready to bring all of that back. With the update to the site I’ll be able to better incorporate more brands and more products.

As an example of things you’ll find on here, I’ll speak more about what my journey has been so far. I’ll talk about monetizing your sites and social media and try to teach you how to work with brands. My goal is to bring you more into my world and show you how to get things done. I would love to show you some of my favorite products and brands and talk about different things in my life.

Overall, I want the site to become fun. Every day is going to be a new part of the journey and will be a new adventure. I hope that you all will continue to join me.




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