PenGems Satin Collection

PenGems Satin Collection disclaimer: I received the PenGems Satin collection from PenGems as a gift. This post will contain affiliate links where I receive a small kickback if you purchase through my link. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Each new PenGems collection that is released is absolutely a work of art. I don’t think they could have picked a more perfect collection to start 2019 with and I am so excited to share these beauties with you. To really set the mood, I have to explain why this collection is absolutely perfect. No one saw it coming. For the very last release of 2018, PenGems released a beautiful gold pen with teeny tiny crystals in the barrel. This pen was beautiful in its own way, but the matte barrel that it was released with made it even better. We have never seen a pen like this before and it sent everyone into a frenzy to obtain it, myself included. This beautiful pen was very appropriately named Celebration. Upon receiving Celebration, I realized I had a burning desire to have a very specific pen that was similar. My only specifics were I wanted a rose gold pen with crystals similar to the aurora crystals that were used in the Northern Lights collection. I posted this exact statement around two weeks ago. I didn’t care what color gem was on top of the pen, I just desperately wanted a beautiful matte rose gold barrel with aurora crystals. The use of the super tiny Czech crystals just makes everything pop even more. I had no idea my wish was going to be granted. Meet the brand new PenGems Satin collection. Much like other PenGems collections, there are five brand new pens to inspire and awe you. There are three rose gold variations and two beautiful silver variations. If you’re like me and absolutely adore the little stone notebooks for your pocket sized traveler’s notebooks, you’ll notice a change to the type of book you’ll receive.   I’m not sure who manufactured the mini stone notebooks previously, but this one was made by Einstein Paper Co. It comes with 16 sheets with a dot grid pattern and it’s just as cute and wonderful as always. So excited to get into using this one! Now, let’s take a closer look at the pens.   First up in our beautiful line up is Twinkle Toes. Twinkly Toes is a rose gold satin with a pink crystal blend.   Next up is Ice Queen. Ice Queen is a silver satin with a white snow blend.   The next pen in this collection is Ever After. Ever After is a rose gold satin with a beautiful peach blend. If you’re looking for something in between the pink and the white snow blend, this peach blend is perfect.   This pen is a favorite of many and is named January. It is a silver satin with a blue blend. Honestly, I think the name is absolutely perfect!   The final pen in this collection, and my absolute dream pen (currently!) is Medeleine. It is a rose satin with a white snow blend.  

The Details

This collection releases on Friday, January 18th at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time. Boxed sets might be available, but will be entirely dependant on VIP sales the day prior. While boxed sets might not be available, individual pens and stone notebook will be. Making your very first PenGems purchase? Use the code PLANNERBABES to save 15% off on your purchase!
Take a moment to check out my posts on the previous PenGems collections! Some of the pens are still available today so make sure you run, don’t walk, on over to the PenGems website.

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