FREE Hourly Insert for the Classic Happy Planner

Hourly Insert for the Classic Happy Planner

Happy Freebie Friday everyone! This month’s free insert is an hourly insert for the classic Happy Planner!

My original hourly insert was definitely not up to snuff and I decided to add even more. This insert is double sided and already designed to print exactly as is! Included in this hourly insert is hours from 6 AM/PM to 9:30 AM/PM, a daily gratitude section, and a top three for your day. On the back side of this freebie you’ll see a notes section (I’ll explain why later on!).

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My 1st Anniversary SmashBook Project

I can honestly say that I have struggled all day trying to figure out what to write about today. I have a long list of blog posts I could write, but each attempt at writing was not working well. While trying to figure out how to finish off my current blog post draft, I found myself adventuring through my external hard drive. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did stumble upon the first real project that I had created in a long time (at that point). Allow me to share with you all the totally adorable 1st anniversary project I made for Christopher.

SmashBook project

Before I entered the planning world, I was very into SmashBooks by K & Company. My mom was friends with a local scrapbook store owner and during one of our trips to her store, she was just placing these on the shelf. Much like my very first Happy Planner, I feel completely in love.

I fell so in love that we would keep going back to the scrapbook store to pick up more pieces to the SmashBook puzzle. One day it would be accessories, another day would be pens, and other days it would be new books. I had amassed a huge stockpile of these wonderful little products…the only problem was I never finished them. I will 100% admit it – I was a SmashBook hoarder.

Eventually Michaels started carrying SmashBook products and an even bigger world opened up. Since our scrapbook store no longer sold the products, it was only fitting that I would spend a lot of time at Michaels picking up even more product. It definitely became a huge problem as the pile kept growing and growing but nothing was happening! Part of the situation was I wasn’t sure what to do with my SmashBook and the other part of it was I didn’t feel my life was interesting enough to start working in these books. Many of the books I owned were started, but definitely never completed.

In 2014, I entered a brand new relationship and with that relationship came a desire to embrace my creative journey. I knew early on that I wanted to create this book specifically for our 1st anniversary and luckily I had plenty of material to work with. I waited until a few days before our anniversary celebration to put this book together and stressed about it every single day. Even though this project made me extremely nervous, I can honestly say it has to be my all time favorite project that I’ve ever made.

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FREE Blog Post Planner

FREE  Blog Post Planner

Have you ever made something, known it wasn’t done well, but haven’t bothered to fix it? That was this printable for the longest time. Planner Babes had a very basic version of this printable that wasn’t gaining traction. After months of putting this off, I am finally happy and very excited to re-introduce this printable. Meet the newest version of my free blog post planner!

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Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

“Caitlyn, why did you spend all of this time making a new website to not post on it?”

That is a very good question. I can sit here and make an elaborate story of trips and exciting things, but the truth is I genuinely haven’t done anything. My mind has been on this perpetual creative and writers block. I have been trying to work past it, but it’s been a huge ride on the struggle bus. Womp, womp.

In the meantime, let me give you a short update since the site’s launch.

March was chaotic, overall. We were hit by several snow storms that derailed all of my plans. I had a very busy schedule for March, but the snow prevented almost all of these plans from manifesting.

I celebrated four years with my wonderful fiance, Christopher. We had a lot of plans for the two weeks we were together, but due to the snow and everything else that followed…well, our plans weren’t meant to be. Our intinerary involved an overnight stay in Washington D.C. (in hopes of Cherry Blossoms!) and to New York City to take a chance with Broadway Roulette. Instead, we stayed home and I was sick for a week and a half. On the flip side, we were able to discuss many of the things we had put to the side in addition to much more. Christopher and I are notorious for putting off conversations, not on purpose, but just because life manages to get ahead of itself. While I can’t say much, I can say that we’re very excited.

Following along the super secret conversations, I have made some BIG decisions! I’m currently in the creative process, but I am so glad that I’ve held onto the Planner Babes social media! I’m hoping I will have more information on this soon, but I can assure you that when I do I will share!

April has also been a whirlwind with things changing drastically in a short amount of time. All of it is fantastic, but all of it is scary! Our financial situation is adjusting (which is always terrifying), but we’ll work through it!

discount code

As of this month I am a part of Organized Potato‘s PR Team. Jackie has become one of my fastest friends within the planner community so I’m very excited to be working alongside a friend! Jackie puts together beautiful printables for you to use in your planner! I am OBSESSED. I loved her printables when she first started, but didn’t have a printer. Now that I have one that works, it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. Hop on over to her shop to check out her printables – CAITLYN20 is my discount code! If you would like to help out on my printing journey, or are looking for an HP Instant Ink code, use mine! (referral code – get up to THREE months free*:

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I am still continuing on my journey with the Paper House Productions Design Team! I can’t believe that my term is almost over. It’s been a crazy, long, and exciting ride. I’m very glad that I’ve had the opportunity to work with them as their products are wonderful! I’m glad that A.C. Moore is carrying a chunk of the products so I can finally go ahead and use some of the products I have in the other projects that I want to make – I’m so afraid to use something and not have it anymore! PH18CAITLYN will also give you a discount to use on ANY product on the Paper House website! Make sure you check out some of my projects in addition to all of the fantastic projects of everyone on the team! Comments and likes mean so much on the Paper House blog!

discount code

I am working hard on getting my YouTube channel back up and running the way that I used to! I’ve spent a lot of time reworking my branding to reflect a more modern and fresh approach on my channel. I look forward to creating more videos for my channel – just have to get back into the swing of things.

As of right now those are all of my updates! I know, not too exciting. Like I said, I wish I could have a better excuse other than severe writers block. I had a break through the other day and I believe I can finally work through everything!

I know the United States has been absolutely crazy weather wise, but I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to spring! Let me know what content you would LOVE to see on the site!

Until next time,

* I can not make any guarantees to how many months you will get free through Instant Ink. The promotion changes often, but have been as high as 3 months. 1 month free is guaranteed using my code.

These codes are strictly referral codes for you to use. I receive no monetary compensation by clicking these links.


Where Am I and Why Am I Here?

Where Am I and Why Am I Here?

Where am I?

Chances are you’ve come here one of two ways. You have either come here by searching for Planner Babes or you came here through social media. Both options are 100% correct and you are in the place that you are meant to be. Planner Babes still exists, it’s just been absorbed into something all encompassing.

Don’t worry, planners – all of the content you know and love will still be found here.

Why the Change?

The story behind the change is unfortunately a lot longer than I could ever truly put into a blog post. The short version is that things have changed. The journey that I was going on with Planner Babes evolved and grew, but it wasn’t growing correctly. The plans and ideas that the site was originally built on weren’t being created fast enough or in a way that I enjoyed. As a one woman show, it just wasn’t making me happy.

Running Planner Babes put me into this strange little box. I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have been able to make the steps towards doing this all full time. The only issue is that planners are such a niche market and hasn’t allowed me to expand outwards. There aren’t that many sponsors that are looking for people writing exclusively on planners. The market is too small and my dreams are a little too big.

The change needed to be made for both my family and myself.

Well, What Can I Find Here?

All of the same content that lived on Planner Babes will live here, but with more. Before I started writing exclusively about planners, I ran a lifestyle blog. I stopped working on that site to focus on all things planners, but I am beyond ready to bring all of that back. With the update to the site I’ll be able to better incorporate more brands and more products.

As an example of things you’ll find on here, I’ll speak more about what my journey has been so far. I’ll talk about monetizing your sites and social media and try to teach you how to work with brands. My goal is to bring you more into my world and show you how to get things done. I would love to show you some of my favorite products and brands and talk about different things in my life.

Overall, I want the site to become fun. Every day is going to be a new part of the journey and will be a new adventure. I hope that you all will continue to join me.