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A while back, I wrote about NEUROPLANNER, the world’s first brain hacking planner. I had participated in both the beta and alpha phases on this planner, completely intrigued and in wonder of how a planner could do such a thing. As it would turn out, the trial phase of this planner did not prepare me for what would be in store after finally having it in hand. NEUROPLANNER is so much more than just a planner, it’s a lifestyle. NEUROPLANNER is here.



NEUROPLANNER is the world’s first brain hacking planner. Every part of this planner is designed to help lead you to the best version of you possible. Utilizing known tips and tricks to hacking into your brain, you’ll soon be living a productive and happy life. From finding and achieving your goals to creating your best relationships, NEUROPLANNER will make a difference in your life. NEUROPLANNER is here to make a difference – you’ll see.



This quality of this planner is very evident from the moment you remove it from its packaging. The cover is very soft and supple and a delight to touch. The closure strap is made of a heavy duty nylon and will absolutely keep this planner closed without fear of breaking. The debossed features just add to the classiness of this planner and add to its beauty. NEUROPLANNER is absolutely a planner that you want to be seen carrying. The two ribbon bookmarks makes flipping between spots an absolute breeze, but that’s not it for the outside features.


Built right into the spine is an extremely handy pen holder. Keep your pen protected easily with this planner and make sure that it’s always ready to be used. Unobtrusive and discreet, you won’t worry about ruining the natural beauty of this planner.

Right from the very start, you are told how to use NEUROPLANNER and see how you’ll use it and how it’ll make your life better. A lot of planners insist that they’ll make a difference in your life, but few hit the mark – NEUROPLANNER is sure to hit that mark for you.


NEUROPLANNER works easily! Each month features a new concept for you to focus on and learn about. Each of the months following have concepts that are designed to help you grow even further in your journey. NEUROPLANNER is absolutely a lifestyle as you’ll be learning concepts that will help you in your every day life.

Packed full of helpful information, you’ll understand why a specific concept is introduced and have it broken down for you weekly. Each concept gives you a chance to adopt the new changes that you were taught and to solidify the lessons.


The one thing to note is that the NEUROPLANNER does feature a Monday start for both the monthly and weekly view. This isn’t common in planners, but it’s a nice feature. Be very careful when dating this planner or else you’ll write the wrong dates on accident – I know I have!

For such a small and compact space, there is a lot of information in this planner. I am so excited and thankful to have my own copy of NEUROPLANNER and I can’t wait to truly delve into everything this planner has to offer. As someone who enjoys science and psychology, it’ll be fascinating to see what this planner is going to teach me throughout the next 12 months. I truly believe that it’s going to make a difference for so many people and I can’t recommend it enough.

NEUROPLANNER is here and it is going to make a difference for anyone who gets their hand on one of these.


Pick up your own NEUROPLANNER here >



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