Meet NEUROPLANNER – the World’s First Brain Hacking Planner


Meet NEUROPLANNER – the World’s First Brain Hacking Planner

One of the best parts of Planner Babes is being able to assist planners in all walks of life. This includes small businesses. A few months ago I was approached by a wonderful woman named Kar who excitedly told me about a brand new planner she was creating. This planner is now set to be released, but needs a little help getting there. Meet the NEUROPLANNER.

From Kar’s blog, she writes that “Neuroplanner is a one year journey.” She felt uninspired and unproductive in a job that she loved. After working long hours and without taking time for herself, she quit in order to regain focus and reflect on her life. During this time Kar realized she wasn’t alone; so many other people often quit their dreams and also want to figure out what they can do to fix things. She also realized that her brain was the ultimate tool – the more she knew how her mind worked the more she was able to deal with life’s little victories and losses. Throughout her life, she had been using smaller tools to make her work more efficient, so why not put all those tools in one place? It was in that moment that NEUROPLANNER was created.

NEUROPLANNER is the world’s first brain hacking planner. It is a full year planner with weekly brain hacking content based on brain science. Each week coincides with 12 different monthly themes, such as goals, creativity, romance, and future thinking. Along with specific themes, the planner also contains brain tools to assist in creative thinking, happiness, goal tracking, and so much more! These tools are

distibuted across the monthly dashboard, monthly spreads, and weekly spreads. Each tool is designed to help bring you ultimate productivity and achieve your goals. Hacking your brain has never been made easier.

The NEUROPLANNER comes in an A5 size, features a leather cover with rounded edges, ergonomic hand grip, and lays flat with stitched binding. The cover is a single-color with deboss branding and a premium strap for a simple look. It holds a secret pen holder in the spine for a minimalist and professional look. The planner is printed on thick paper with laser quality ink and has 2-page markers in brand colors. The planner layout features date, time, and space personalization.

After trying the NEUROPLANNER out myself, it’s impressive to see how many changes can be made in not just a month, but in just a week. Having a full year of tools at your disposal will lead to your most productive and life changing year yet. This planner is really about what you make it and if you’re willing to take the time to learn, you will be successful; hit your small goals and continue forward. Curious about how you can get ahold of your own NEUROPLANNER? Then read on!

This is where you come into play, Planner Babes – help Neuroplanner become a reality! Visit the Kickstarter page and get your own NEUROPLANNER! Your options range from a digital copy of the planner or multiple planners! In addition to the planner, you also receive a set of paperclips featuring 3 happy neurotransmitters – serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline.


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About the Founder

Kar Villard headshotKar Villard was a media manager in one of the top ad agencies handling brands that you’ve known and loved. Having a break to pause and discover the world but in the end found something from


her brain. Now, she’s building brain-based products to help others live a life fulfilled using brain science.

Kar Villard is also a community helper in startup companies such as Girls in Tech Singapore and Kickstarter Singapore & Hong Kong. She writes at her own Medium blog at The Poor Startup to help learn entrepreneurship get smart about their money.





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