Happy Planner Spring Reveal: Part 2

Happy Planner Spring Reveal: Part 2

Part two of the Happy Planner spring reveal shows us even more new planners. Part One of the posts didn’t have a lot of horizontal options, but there are some in this part!

Happy Planner Spring Reveal: Part 2

Simply Lovely Classic

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Simply Lovely Classic

A Beautiful Life Classic

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - A Beautiful Life Classic

Rose Gold Chic Classic – Horizontal

While putting together this post, I have to admit that I was confused between this one and Modern Chic. This planner and Modern Chic are exactly the same planner from what I can see. There might be some minor differences, but until I see them in person, I can’t say one way or another. It’s definitely a great option if you like neutral planners and want a horizontal option.

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Rose Gold Chic Classic

Bright Blooms Classic

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Bright Blooms Classic

Modern Chic Classic – Horizontal

This planner was disappointing because I was hoping it was going to be a neutral vertical.

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Modern Chic Classic

Walk By Faith Classic

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Walk By Faith Classic

Agate Classic

This particular planner caught the eye of many planners when it was debuted at Creativation and shown on Instagram. The colors are very bright and the whole planner is absolutely beautiful. If I choose to pick up an 18-month classic planner, this is it!

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Agate Classic

Sugar & Type Big – Horizontal

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Sugar & Type Big

Self Care Big

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Self Care Big

Color Block Type Big

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Color Block Type Big

Hello Darling Mini

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Hello Darling Mini

Bright & Beautiful Mini

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Bright & Beautiful Mini

Bold & Brave Mini

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Bold & Brave Mini

Keep Life Fun Mini

Happy Planner Spring Reveal - Keep Life Fun

My Thoughts on Part 2

The amount of floral this time around still amazes me. While this part shows a wider variety of styles, the floral still remains constant (as well as the currently section – yuck!). I don’t have too much to say on this particular set of planners other than I feel oddly underwhelmed. The differences between Rose Gold Chic and Modern Chic are disappointing as first glance shows us there is none. Last year we had a similar concept introduced, but one had a slightly different color scheme. This year they appear to be completely the same with the only difference being the color.

I enjoy that the Self Care inserts have been moved into being their own planner. I feel that the concept is better suited to its own planner and used solely as your main planner, just with different prompts. The inserts by themselves were a wonderful idea, but after playing with it I realized it would’ve been better as an actual planner. Bringing that over to the big size was a great idea.

The Agate classic definitely steals the show in this bunch. The colors in the planner are beautiful and I can’t wait to see a ton of people using it. Next post will be dedicated to the accessories – yay!

Make sure you check out the part two video here –

Which planner out of this group do you like the best? Let me know in the comments!

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