The Brand New Happy Notes by The Happy Planner

Happy Notes

If there’s one product I was dreaming of existing for The Happy Planner it is absolutely and one hundred percent notebooks. I am a serious notebook aficionado and I might have an issue with hoarding them. The back to school season is my happy time and the amount of brand new notebooks I collect each season is a little astronomical. New binder for the year? CHECK! Tons of loose leaf paper? DOUBLE CHECK! Piles and piles of adorable notebooks? Triple, quadruple and quintuple check! Imagine my elation at the first social media sighting of the new Happy Notes line by The Happy Planner.


I can truthfully and honestly say that the hunt for these notebooks began almost immediately. Unfortunately, the amount of Joann Fabrics that carry The Happy Planner in store in New Jersey is practically non-existant. During the release of The Happy Planner Girl only FOUR Joann stores carried the line. Four. Quatro. Quatre. Know how close any of those stores were? Nearly two hours away from where I live. The horror. The worst part of the entire situation? One of those five stores closed, meaning that only four exist. Despite all of this and the lack of stores actually carrying the product, I am totally excited for this brand new line!

So let’s get into the details.

So, what are Happy Notes?

Happy Notes is a brand new line by The Happy Planner! Just like the amazing planners they produce, the Happy Notes line will also feature the disc bound system (customizers REJOICE!). They will come with 60 sheets of paper and have three dividers. These notebooks are set and ready for you to customize to your heart’s content and give you a very solid base to stand on. They come in all three sizes (big, classic, and mini) and come with either lined, graph, or dot grid paper.

The big size retails for $12.99, the classic size for $9.99, and the mini for $7.99. There are a total of 15 notebooks; two big, nine classic, and four mini.

Where do I get these awesome notebooks?

Right now Happy Notes can be found exclusively in select Joann Fabric’s stores and on the Joann Fabric’s website. The easiest way to locate the notebooks will be finding a Joann Fabric’s superstore which carries a lot more product than most locations.

To hopefully make your store search a little easier, here’s the store list from last year’s Happy Planner Girl release. Keep in mind that I have no idea what the accuracy of this list currently is, but it might be a good starting point. The stores listed in this list are primarily superstore locations and will give you your best chance of tracking the notebooks down in store! Based off of my personal experience, I did find the notebooks in a “mid-size” Joann store that features a scrapbooking section.

As of the time of writing this post the notebooks haven’t found their way online but will be there soon!

But like, what do they look like?

Well, the notebooks look like this!

Big Happy Notes

photo by ig: @divasplan2
Thank you @DivasPlan2 for providing this image!


Classic Happy Notes

Positive Thinking, Positive Outcome – lined paper

Happy Notes


“&” – dot grid paper

Happy Notes


Life is Lovely – lined paper

Happy Notes

Life is a Party – lined paper


Happy Notes – dot grid paper

Hello Happiness – dot grid paper


Notes – graph paper


Wanderlust – graph paper


Wild & Free – dot grid paper

Mini Happy Notes


Hello Beautiful – graph paper


Put Your Heart Into It – dot grid paper



Everyday Yay – dot grid paper


I’m Done Adulting, Let’s Be Mermaids – lined paper


Final Thoughts

One of the comments that I’ve seen often on this particular release comes down to the availability and accessibility of the product. As per earlier releases by Me & My Big Ideas (The Happy Planner), the decision-making process is made as a joint decision but ultimately comes down to each individual retailer. To simplify, these releases come down to what companies buy the product. Because Hobby Lobby and Michaels chose to pass on this release they are not carrying the notebooks. This doesn’t mean that they’re not going to stop carrying the other products but have chosen to focus on other product launches. My suggestion is to very politely inform these companies that you would love to see these products in their stores! There are no guarantees, but because Happy Notes doesn’t appear to be a limited edition item there is a possibility more stores will pick them up in the future.

I’m not sure what the fate of these products will be, but I hope they become a permanent staple for sure! I would love to see an expanded decorative note paper line, but this is absolutely a start! It’s all about product testing and I hope that this survives the hype because these new notebooks were exactly what I was looking for.




  1. Rene Thornton
    July 25, 2018 / 9:19 pm

    These are great! I am super disappointed that my Joann’s doesn’t carry them. I have been dreaming of this for a long while!

    • Caitlyn
      July 28, 2018 / 12:45 pm

      Oh, no! Hopefully a Joanns near you gets them in stock! I feel as if they weren’t meant to be put out just yet so hopefully they’ll find their way out everywhere soon. 🙂 That or they finally find their way online – either or would be a great option!

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