Happy Birthday Planner Printable

My wonderful fiance’s birthday is in two weeks. Normally I am super last minute on everything I do, but this year I have been keeping up with everything! I’ve been doing such a great job with getting things done that I figured the perfect freebie for this week would be a birthday planner printable!

birthday planner printable

My goal with the birthday planner printable was to try and make it as generic as possible. There are many times that I see a planner babe looking for a printable option that isn’t “too girly.” I’m hoping that this particular printable does that job! I’m hoping in the future I am able to create more “general use” sticker printables, but for now this is a start!

This printable contains:

  • 8 full day boxes
  • 8 “cupcake” check lists
  • 4 half boxes
  • 4 quarter boxes
  • 7 “To Do” headers
  • 7 “Today” headers
  • 4 “Little Things” headers
  • 4 “Important” headers
  • 4 “Cancelled” labels
  • 1 weekend banner
  • 1 bill due
  • 1 pay day
  • 4 glitter headers
  • 2 birthday cake icons
  • 2 text elements
  • 8 dinner icons
  • 1 recycle icon
  • 1 trash icon
  • 2 shop icons
  • 4 exclamation icons

Just like my other printables, this printable is free for personal and non-commercial use. The file may not be bundled with other printables or redistributed on any website other than Everyday Caitlyn.

All images were found on Pixabay.

Click the image below to download the file!

What other freebies would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!


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