50+ Trackers For Your Planner

50 Trackers For Your Planner

Including trackers in your planner is a wonderful practice. By including a tracker you’re creating a sense of accountablity in yourself and making sure that you stay on track.

Need ideas of what to include? Use this list to find some ideas!

Every Day Trackers

1. Monthly Overview – keep all of your tasks for the month in one easy to view location.
2. Weekly Tasks – break down your week!
3. Appointments – write down your appointments in one location so that you never forget them.
4. Meetings – this can range from a work meeting or a coffee shop stop. No matter what it is – write it down.
5. Anniversaries – do you always forget when an important anniversary is? Prevent those little slip ups and keep them in a spot you check often.
6. Birthdays – bad at remembering birthdays? Me, too. Write up a yearly calendar and make them easy to find.
7. Holidays – while some holidays remain on a specific day every year, some of them change. Write them down so you know when to celebrate.
8. Crazy Holidays – National Cookie Day is always a day worth celebrating. Find a list of silly holidays and write down your favorites.
9. Work Schedules – need to keep track of more than one work schedule? Go ahead and write down yours and who ever else you need to keep track of to make planning easier.
10. School Schedules – write down your class schedule in addition to important dates you need to remember. School can get crazy and it’s easy to just forget things sometimes.
11. Deadlines – have an important project with a specific deadline? Write it down!
12. Shopping Lists – whether you’re running to the grocery store for a full shopping trip or just to the corner market, it’s always a great idea to write down your shopping list.
13. Weather – keeping track of the weather can also fall under the health and fitness category. See if your symptoms correlate to the weather.


Holiday Trackers

14. Gifts – sometimes you just struggle to come up with ideas for gifts. Having a gift tracker means you’ll always have gift ideas at the ready. You can also use the tracker to remember what you’ve given someone in the past, as well.
15. Party Plans – get all of your party plans and ideas in one spot!
16. Menus – write down your menu and guest menu choices so you know what you need to order or pick up from the store. This works great for both small and large events.
17. Guest Lists – did Great Grandma Josephine decide to invite a third cousin you’ve never met to your event? Keep track of your guest list as it changes so there’s no surprises.
18. Travel Plans – in charge of the travel arrangements for the holidays? Document all of the important details!


Budget Trackers

19. Bills Due – write down a reminder of when your bills are due so that you never miss a payment. Do you opt in to automatic payments? Make sure you write this information down as well! Sometimes you forget that you’re on auto-pay for a subscription service.
20. Payoff Amounts – working on paying down your debt? Write this number down and keep track as it shrinks.
21. Allowances – keep track of any allowances you need to budget. Whether its your own personal allowance or someone else’s, it’s nice to have it written down so you can see what amount of your budget is going towards that purpose.
22. Savings Goals – writing down your savings goals is just as important as writing down your debts. It makes goal setting that much more easier and keeps you on track.
23. Paycheck Total – with paycheck fluctuations, sometimes it’s hard to keep your budget on track. Write down this number as each paycheck comes in and adjust as you need.
24. Monthly and Weekly Budgets – break down your budget both monthly and weekly to keep your financial plan on track.


Health & Fitness Trackers

25. Workout Schedule – have a specific routine you’ve been taught and want to remember? Write it down!
26. Water Intake – monitoring your water intake is super important. By writing down your water intake, you’re ensuring that you’re remaining properly hydrated throughout the day.
27. Meal Planning – planning out your meals is a huge time saver and means no surprises the day of. Make sure you include new recipes that you want to try.
28. Nutrition – tracking your nutrition will help you reach your goals faster.
29. Weight – track your weight loss/gain to make sure you’re where you want to be.
30. Progress – you can track your progress multiple ways. Write down when you’ve moved up in weight lifting or if you’ve reached a faster run time. All of these little victories add up and keep you motivated.
31. Medications – write down your medications so you know what you need to take.
32. Symptoms – writing down your symptoms is not just helpful for yourself but also for your medical providers. Sometimes you forget to tell them all of the symptoms that you experience. By writing them down you can make sure that your diagnosis is a little more accurate.
33. Self Care – self care is so important! Write down the things you need to do to take care of yourself and do them.
34. Morning/Nightly Routine – write down your morning/night routine. This is a great way to check if a new product you’ve added is causing an undesired reaction.
35. Habits – keep yourself accountable by tracking your habits.
36. Sleep – need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep? Go ahead and track it and include how you feel in the morning.


Dream Trackers

37. 5 Year Plan – write down your five year plan. If you’re feeling ambitious, feel free to break this down further with a 1 year, 6 month, and 3 month plan.
38. Inspiration – write down all of the things that inspire you. These little reminders can help put things back into perspective while also helping to motivate you.
39. Timelines – have a specific time frame of when you want to accomplish a goal? Use a timeline as a more indepth version of your 5/1 Year Plan.
40. Bucket List – by putting your bucket list down on paper, you’re more likely to complete it. Go for your dreams.
41. Vacation Ideas – want to take the perfect vacation? Write down all of the ideas that you have and work to make them happen.


Entertainment Trackers

42. Movies – keep track of the movies you want to see and have already seen.
43. TV Shows – make sure you never miss your favorite show by writing down when it’s on television. You can also keep track of shows that you want to check out.
44. Books You’re Reading/Want to Read – keeping a log of books you’ve read or want to read is really fun. It’s always cool to see how much you’ve read and how long it takes yo get through a book.
45. Video Games – track your progress in your video games! Sometimes those really long games are really long and you forget where you stop.
46. Concerts – write down all of the concerts you’ve been to and the details! It’ll be a great memory later on.


Memory Trackers

47. Journal – journal in your planner! Journaling can be a stress reliever and also a great way to remember what you did on certain days.
48. Details – write down specifics of an event you attended. Did you go to a party that you don’t want to forget? Write down everything about it!
49. Photos – including photos in your planner is a visual reminder of things that have happened or you need.
50. Things That Happened – is there an event you don’t want to journal about specifically? Write down some of the important things that happened.
51. Special Moments – keep a record of some of the special things that have happened in your life. This puts things into perspective when you’re having a bad day.
52. Favorite Memories – writing down favorite memories as they happen means you’ll always have an accurate representation of what happened. In addition to having these moments well documented, you’ll have random trivia when someone brings the moment up.


Everything Else

53. Vacation Plans – write down your vacation information. Every little important detail should be written down in addition to having a physical copy of things you need.
54. Business Plans – keep your business on track. This works for both big businesses and small businesses.
55. Passwords – go on too many websites that require passwords? Write them down and keep them with you. Be careful with this information!
56. Things That Make You Happy -keep a list of all of the things that make you happy. Since you’ll have a ready made list it’ll be easy to give yourself a quick pick-me-up.
57. Recipes – keep a record of all of your favorite recipes and recipes that you would love to try.
58. Pet Records – your pets deserve to have a section dedicated to them as well! Write down important medical information so that your next vet visit goes smooth.


I hope that this list gives you some brand new ideas of what you can track in your planner. There are so many different things that you can track that it’s easy to get lost. Rather than struggling to come up with ideas and track everything, you can use this list for inspiration. Pick out your favorite things and start to include them!

What things do you track in your planner? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what ideas you have.


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